Purchase Process

Domains purchased or leased on the Rocmary Premium Domain marketplace are available for instant use or transfer.  For leased domains simply send us the name servers for your web hosting account and we will point the domain to them.  For purchased domains you will receive and authorization code so you can transfer the domain to the registrar of your choice.

Below is an example of the domain purchase process on Rocmary.com:

1) Find your preferred domain and click the “Click here to Inquire” button.

2) Complete the domain inquiry form and include all of your contact details.

3) If the domain you are inquiring on is available we will provide you with the domains list price.

4) Once payment details are agreed on we will set up the transaction through Escrow.com.

4) Send your payment into Escrow by following the instructions given to you via email.  Once the funds are verified, Escrow.com will instruct us to transfer the domain to you.

5) Once your domain is successfully transferred and verified by Escrow, the transaction will be marked completed and funds will be dispersed.

6) Transaction is marked complete.

*Rocmary does not publicly report any sales or acquisitions made through our website.  Non disclosure agreements may be signed if requested and agreed to by both seller and buyer.


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