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Rocmary Investment Group owns a large portfolio of short acronym domains that can significantly increase the value and branding potential of your business.  Owning the acronym of your business name can help maximize the value of your marketing efforts and make it much easier for your customers to locate you.  Shorter domains are easily remembered, take less advertising space, and are much easier to type in on smart phones and other mobile devices.

Acronym domains are in high demand as companies of all sizes are quickly realizing the lifetime value these assets can provide their businesses.  Below are a few companies that have taken the opportunity to acquire and use acronym domains.   This is a very small sampling as there are thousands of companies purchasing these valuable assets.  You can check out the sales history for recent domains here.

2 Letter Domains

  • –  Facebook, Inc.
  • – Yellow Pages
  • – Ernst & Young
  • – Deutsche Bank
  • – Morgan Stanley

3 Letter Domains

  • – Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • – McDonalds
  • – Royal Bank of Canada
  • – Bank of Montreal
  • – PNC Bank
  • – Wall Street Journal
  • – JCPenney
  • – BB&T Bank
  • – Publishers Clearing House
  • – AMC TV
  • – Time Warner Cable
  • – Norwegian Cruise Line
  • – Verizon Wireless
  • – Starwood Hotels
  • – M&T Bank
  • – Johnson and Johnson
  • – Glaxo Smith Kline
  • – Viking River Cruises
  • – Wells Fargo
  • – Wells Fargo
  • – Plenty of Fish

4 Letter Domains

  • – Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • – Bank of America
  • – DISH Network
  • – Citibank
  • – Eli Lilly
  • – Berkshire Hathaway
  • – Volvo Penta
  • – P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
  • – Turner Construction Company
  • – Harley-Davidson
  • – Wells Fargo
  • – Williams Sonoma

Rocmary Domains

A small example of our acronym domains include:

  • + Hundreds more…..

As with most generic .com domains, high quality acronym domains like these are increasing in price each year as more businesses are recognizing their value.  The majority of higher quality two, three, and four letter domains are already owned by sizable companies and will likely never be available to purchase.  If your company wants to become recognized as the leader in your industry then it is crucial to pursue these assets if and when they are available.

Short domains like these are in very high demand and often have several companies competing to acquire the same domain (eg. owned by British Airways.  Possible end users that could have benefited from owning this domain include: Bank of America, Boston Acoustics, etc).

If you are interested in learning more about how a shorter domain can significantly increase the value of your business or if you would like to make an inquiry on one of our assets please contact us from our contact form.


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